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Today was ...blah...

Blah, today was just...blah...very very blah XP

"The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon" isn't up yet, like expected really. Probably tomorrow it'll be up. I still don't want to see anyone's reaction but I did accidentally see manjoumes_bitch's reaction cos my ability to tell what time it is in the US is poor XD

I imagine a lot of the Pokémon fandom is imploding right now, huh? :/ So as long as the encode is up tomorrow I should do my full reaction tomorrow afternoon quite possibly, until then I can't really surf around the net XD;; I'll go cap something instead, or work on PDU :3

In which I actually try to spark up a conversation with a customer :o!
Me: *sees the man is buying that Final Fantasy Advent Children thing* Oh, I've been told by a lot of people that this is really good!
Man: Ah, yeah, this is just for a present.
Me: Ah I see! I've been told by people I should watch it, but I've never followed Final Fantasy at all
Man: I work in a games store so it's hard not to of heard of it.

When i first started my shift the till across from me had served a family and one of the boys of the family was carrying the Yu-Gi-Oh duel disk from the DOMA arc. Man, I wish a kid could come through my checkout with his parents and buy a duel disk so I could try and spark up a Yu-Gi-Oh-centric convo with them XD;; "Is this yours? Ah do you watch the show? Who's your favourite character? I really like Yugi and Bakura :D Have you seen GX?" Seriously, I'd do that XD;;
Well, they keep telling me I need to talk more to the customers and I have more in common with children than adults sometimes XD;;

Edit: Wow, the second Naruto Movie seems to be up for download :D I was wondering when that was gonna come out. That'll have to be last on my list to download. Talking of Naruto, are they any closer to getting out of that damn filler arc yet? :/ I haven't been following the manga so I want to start watching the anime from the time jump or where-ever they start it.
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