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Pokémon Speculations: Both Dub and Japanese :o

Well, the US special "The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon" airs today in the US! I'm actually pretty excited to see it, for both what the new VAs sound like and the storyline itself. I think I may avoid most of teh interwebs tonight when I come home from work as I don't really want to see other's opinions on the voices until I've seen it and formed opinions myself, I'm sure a download will be up later this weekend, maybe tonight or Sunday :3
It's also gonna be interesting to see how Pokémon USA handle the anime which will be seen in this episode, so much to look out for~! XD
I personally have high hopes for at least less edits with PUSA, some edits are understandable and are needed to make sense, but things like food edits are the stupid ones :o Those I hope will vanish, since it's more of a 4Kids thing anyway >>;
From what I've been hearing on the grapevine anyway it seems PUSA take notice of the fandom, so hopefully they know what the fans want, rather than 4Kids who's lead by a guy who believes kids don't read and that they never will among his many other rather warped beliefs about children :/

Either way, exciting times ahead for the show it seems :o My thoughts and stuff will be posted here once I have seen the episode, I'll probably be writing notes and capping it at the same time XD So expect a screenshot release of the special on type_wild soon.

Oh and talking about Pokémon, the Japanese side is spoiling me <3 Two episodes with Harley (*This weeks and next weeks*), then an ep about Team Rocket, then an ep about Brock defending the Pewter Gym with Ash! Good stuff~! After that is the Battle Pyramid episode. What comes after that for Ash if he wins his battle with Regirock who knows, for May we still have her Kanto Grand Festival to see, but nobody really knows what happens with Ash once he passes the Battle Pyramid, whether that's it or he has like a league thing afterwards :/ Then there's the question of what arc comes after this. It's currently too early for the D/P saga since the games haven't even been given a release date yet, so it seems we may get a Pokémon Ranger arc, especially with the 9th movie being all Ranger-centric. Plus the game itself is called "The Path to Diamond and Pearl" so I think there is possibly a Ranger Arc, then D/P will start.
Questions is, what would the characters DO in the Ranger Arc? There seems to be no real competitions Ash can take part in, but I guess we'll see :3

Oh and I've nearly finished the large 18GB download of the DVD Raw Digimon Frontier episodes <3 Got about 6-7 hours left on the download, so I should get that within the next day or so :3
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