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The rest of today gets Manjoume's "Just one of those days" icon seal of approval -_-;

Work was...well...it felt like the longest 4 hours of my life >>; Most of it was okay but then I got a regular customer (*Who's one of those mouthy mothers who doesn't know how to not shout when she speaks*) and her disobediant kids. One has been told before not to stand in between the checkouts (*Which is the perfect place to stand for grabbing money so we don't allow customers to stand there*) but this kid, this woman's eldest it seems, just stood there, i told him twice he wasn't allowed there and he ignored me, the slightly younger kid was also terrible, he somehow managed to rescan a DVD while I had my back turned, then he kept pressing the buttons on the keypad for the card pin numbers, luckily I caught him doing it and didn't ready the card for it unril I told him nicely to not press the buttons, luckily he did stop -_-;
Then the woman didn't have enough money to pay for her stuff so we had to save the transaction so she could go get more money and ARGH!

Then after 9pm there were only two of us on (*Me and a supervisor*) with a ton of jobs to do -__-;

Come home and hear that apparently my uncle (*Dad's brother*) has cancer of the bladder (*My dad's side of the family are the most unhealthist people I've ever known Oo;*) Luckily they say it's cureable but that it will most likely come back -_-;

And now my torrent for episode 82 of GX is going slow, like 20kb/s or under slow (*Usually I get over 30kb/s. That and my dad said he wanted to use the net sometime later tonight so if he remembers that I'm screwed cos if it keeps trailing along like this I won't get it for another 3 or so hours v_v Hummm, seems to be somewhat picking up now...I hope so...
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