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Yugioh GX Episode 81

Hahahaha! Episode 81 was hilarious XD Quiz duel!! Poor, poor Juudai is an idiot XD I loved the part where he was trying to say some monster names within a time limit and he bit his tongue! XD;;
He also didn't seem to understand the internets :o! Hahaha! Their PDA's really can do everything! XD At least now we know that they can access the internet and update their journals from it, quite handy little things! XD We win!
Asuka is also very scary now, she's scheming and manipulative XD Ha!

Very fun episode, probably loads more I wanted to mention but I still feel like crap so I won't dwell on it XD Plus I wanna go update Juudai's journal which is gonna be a fun fun entry XD

Next episode looks like it's gonna be awesome too! Misawa is writing on his walls again and Juudai decides to try and steal a steak Ed is easting by hooking it with a fishing rod XD;;

I have a six hour shift at work today...oh yay... >>; *Falls over*

Oh! And my Pokémon CD came today! :D Didn't get the BGM I wanted but I at least have some I didn't have now <3 Release another BGM CD thank you! :D!

EDIT: I just had to talk on the phone, my voice sounds terrible right now XD *Makes mental note to try and ask work if they could prehaps give me any of the odd jobs today and try and keep me off the checkouts as much as possible >>*
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