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Er Wooops....

I deleted a lot of stuff in my free Tripod UK account and acctidently deleted the BG for this journal so this really bright one will have to do until I make another purple one ^_^;;

Well my mother went down and shouted at her solicitor people today and cos of it she's finally got things moving...she should have the keys to the house be handed over to her by this coming Monday ^_^ Hopefully on the week she's got off at the end of the month she'll decorate my brothers soon to be bedroom and he'll be out soon too *Crosses fingers and hopes* then for me it's HELLO FREEDOM FROM EVIL BROTHER AND PURPLE CHILL OUT ROOM!!!!
Yeah I'm gonna paint his bedroom purple and move my computer in there so I don't have to string the line for the internet all the way across the hall ^_^;; And...and...I'm gonna get myself a Purple Bean bag *grins* Might move the hamster in there too so I can free my own room of the sawdust she throws through the bars ^_^;;

Oooooh! Oooooh! As long as he's out for the two weeks I have off work in feburary... that'll be bliss ^____^ Talking of that two weeks...
...what the HELL am I gonna do with myself for two weeks? *blinks* Besides housework I can be on the net all day long cos I wouldn't have to wait until the afternoon to go online since my mother will be in a completly different house...
...plus it's one more step towards broadband! Yipieeeeee!~

Okay I'm bored, think I'll re-dial and see if there is anyone to chat too on MSN....
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