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Pokémon XD Music~!

Curse you, throat infection/cold, don't you DARE get into my chest! What...too late? Damn you...

Yes, it feels like it's now gotten into my chest a bit, when I cough a bit too hard my chest burns ~_~ We have no cough medicine to ease it either, blah.
Yeah I should stop complaining about it XD

Ah! I just downloaded the music tracks to the Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness game :D I was playing it a bit earlier and remembered the music was up for download at PocketMonsters, some of the music for that game is awesome XD I love the battle themes~! Oh and Mirror B's theme too! That guy rocks so much! Much respect to anyone who can have hair like his!
Hehehe, makes me wish they had focused an arc in the anime to Shadow Pokémon and the Orre region, cos that would of rocked so much XD;;

Oh and in my game my Spheal finally evolved into a Sealeo <33 YAY!
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