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I am Aster Phoenix! Here to right wrongs with Captain Tenacious!

So...Ed Phoenix's dub name is apparently Aster Phoenix....
...4Kids are changing their names for the hell of it, aren't they? I mean I know Ed is a commonly used name but still...He's ED not "Aster" which by the way babynames.com says is mostly a FEMALE name :D

Meh, my intrest in the dub is pretty non-existant now and with Pokémon moving over to Pokémon USA I won't be watching anymore of 4Kids stuff...
...so YAY! :D

Although, I'd really like it if the dub renamed "Kouchou Ran" (*AKA: The bug girl with the Kaiser obsession*) as "Rachelle" cos she looks like a "Rachelle" to me >>; *shrugs* But yeah, most of the names they have been choosing are pretty...well...weird... ~_~

It's pretty warm in this room right now, throat still feels like crap.

Maybe I should just go to bed :/
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