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Shopping and downloads!

Thanks so much to spazishness who sent me some of the episodes of the Original Yugioh episode with Bakura in them X3 Eeee! I browsed through them a bit and it looks so awesome, it's also dubbed into Thai, the dubbing is pretty awful but that makes it more fun XD So I'm gonna watch that as soon as I get home from work tomorrow X3 YAY!
I now know what language a beyblade song I have is in too, sounds like Thai after listening to some of the episode, it has been bugging me which language it was in since I downloaded it ages ago XD

Also today I went on a bit of a shopping spree....especially when I saw they had pokémon Advanced Mechandise in Toys R Us XD I got plushies of Torchic, mudkip and Treecko, they also had neat models but I'm gonna get them on Friday when i go to find Helen a birthday present and get myself Pokémon Colosseum X3

Photo of plushies X3

Anyway I best go I should really go to bed or I won't get up in the morning for work XD
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