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My throat is complaining D:

My throat has been feeling pretty off since yesterday, it's slightly irritated and is making me cough @_@ And it just generally doesn't feel all that good. Also I've been getting a pain in the top of my back on the right side near the shoulder, it's been on and off for ages, last night it was so bad I could barely move >>; I stayed in one position for a while and it eventually calmed down enough for me to move...haven't told my dad about it cos he'd be all "RWARTOOMUCHCOMPUTER!!" which is probably true XD

Also with all the talk of .hack//GX in the Duel Academy IRC channel last night, it's made me want to write a GX story where they take part of some RPG in the virtual world program then something screws them over and they get stuck there :D (*I'm thinking...malicious Duel Monster spirit that got into the program maybe?*)
I just....don't know how to get them into Virtual Reality at the school :/ So me = FAIL.

Meh, gotta do ironing once my iPod has finished charging up, can't do hosuework without music >>; I was kinda hoing I'd get away with not doing it until at LEAST tomorrow, I prefer to do housework while my dad isn't here v_v;
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