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[Digimon Savers Episode 3]

Raw download via sendspace and screenshots will be up soon :D

So a minute into the episode and we already get Tohma eye candy! XD Agumon trying to ride a bike for some reason was funny and very adorable, and from the instant Masaru and Tohma met, Masaru is all "RWAR >o" and they end up in a boxing ring against each other XD Masaru gets all angsty at one point and I'll have to wait for the sub to find out why I guess XD

Half of Gaomon's script for this episode seems to mostly consist of him saying "Yes master" to Tohma XD

And I think I agree with those who think Masaru needs to find a new way of obtaining Digisoul at some point, seeing him punch a Digimon and actually knock it down is amusing but as shown in this episode it can be a restricting way to get it. If Masaru can't punch the Digimon, no Digisoul and no Agumon evolution, so I'm hoping through the series he has to learn to get the Digisoul without having to beat the Digimon up himself XD;;
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