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Digimon Savers - Episode 2 [Subbed] + Dreams

http://www.sendspace.com/file/668k5h <--- Digimon Savers, Episode 2 [Subbed by WtW]

Like always if you wish to comment on the release by WtW, you can leave one at their feedback topic here: http://www.withthewill.net/showthread.php?tid=1231


Other than that last night I had a dream where I was gonna go to the Duel Academy and take photos (It was covered with snow apparently), we were gonna go to it via a helicopter that just so happened to be parked by the hospital down the road from me, but SOMEHOW Juudai got me lost and we missed the flight, yes, my OWN neighbourhood and he got me lost. XD

A few nights ago i also had a dream where Kabayama (Ra Yellow dorm Supervisor) was cooking while drunk. We were on some building and there were lots of concrete huts (Looked kinda like Garages actually) some had a yellow door and some had red, Kabayama was sat outside them with a small cooker and he made cakes, he then fell alseep and I remember checking the cooker to make sure it was off. He woke up later and offered to cook us curry :D Juudai, Shou and Asuka were around in this dream somewhere, I seem to remember Asuka was watching a movie with some friends and Juudai walked in, looked at the movie and was all "....?"

Anyway right now I'm capping the Pokémon Deoxys Crisis special that aired in Japan this week :D Look out for it on type_wild

And yes, Ed Phoenix is pulling on panties in my icon :D

EDIT: Just ordered myself a birthday present :D (*Okay I would of ordered it anyway whether my birthday was in a few weeks or not*) It's a Pokémon CD that apparently has some BGM on it from all three generations :D Thus it should hold some BGM I don't have yet :3
It came out last year and I have only JUST learned about the CD's existance!! :o!
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