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I'm not the only one who was distracted through quite a bit of the duel because of this monster and the position they are in, right? Cos everytime it came on screen I just kept going "...what?"

Other than that, it was a fun episode I think, nice random filler fun :D Kenzan was hillarious, quite a bit of Hane Kuriboh in the episode too. I may actually get round to some parodies of this one ;D I have some ideas anyway. It's a gold mine for Hane Kuriboh subtitles~~! Hahahaha! Might cap this episode too.

Next episode is the Quiz duel...Juudai...answering questions....this is gonna be gooooood XD;;
I predict a few parodies of that one too, "You are the weakest link, Juudai! Goodbye! >o"

Oh and the guy in the next episode is spying on Asuka from a tree ;D
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