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PDU + Frontier stuff

I have finally finished and uploaded PDU's splash page!! :D


Okay so...I got Kudamon's markings completely wrong, but considering I drew it while I only had the first episode to go by it's not suprising, but at least it looks like Kudamon so it'll do XD;;
Since I have this Friday off, as well as Sunday and Monday I'll try my best to get as much stuff on the site done so I can relaunch the website. Mostly it's the fanfic section that needs doing. I managed to get up to the E's in names so far XD And I'm taking off really old unfinished fics from like 2002-2004 just cos they will probably never be finished. Gonna keep the files for a little while just in case anyone requests for them to be put back, but I doubt it. Some unfinished fics may remain though, mostly ones where I'm still in touch with the author and they might get finished eventually ect.

Also I'm trying to download an 18GB torrent of raw Frontier episodes, yay me! XD;; But I felt I might as well try and download it while the torrent was new. I really, REALLY want to start capping Frontier you see, Savers is bringing back much nostalgia and Frontier was the first entire series I ever watched in raw Japanese XD So I really have this want to re-watch it as raws only this time in HQ rather than the .rm versions that I do still have XD
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