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Work Suckage

Okay so work today = Teh suck.

I had a headache through most of it, though it wasn't too bad, that was, until two young lads come up to my checkout with beer and vodka. Asked them for ID, oh they don't have any, cue that pleading "Oh go on please". So I told them I can get a second opinion. One of my colleuges nearby called to the supervisor and he came over, he also refused the sale. So they're all "Ah we'll get so n' so to come in and get it, he's 30"
Yes...they said that right in front of us, idiots...
So we were expecting an older person to come in, and lo and behold 5 minutes later and older guy comes in and goes to my till with the exact same things...we refused him too >P GAH! Worst thing is in those situations, my face goes bright red >>; Which in turn made my headache worse.

I wasn't the only one having a bad day, all of checkouts were. We got a fake £20 note today and so what I heard, the woman who had it was playing all hell cos we had to keep it by law.

Oh yes, you have to love customers like that ~_~;

I'm glad I'm not working this weekend....
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