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The internet knows me too well!

Your Combined Names of: Jodie Bright
Your combined names of Jodie Bright bring many opportunities to establish stable and financially accumulative conditions in your life. You could be successful in the business world. Although you attract positions of authority, you experience feelings of uncertainty because of a lack of confidence. To further your endeavours, you try to take advantage of association with people of influence. You would prefer to work with others as a means of minimizing risk and the demands on your own efforts. You prefer to make money the easy way, if possible, often through your overall intuitive sense to work with opportunities that come your way. Any weakness in your health would show in the reproductive organs.

Your Birthpath / Inner Potential of: May 3, 1983
Your purpose is that of the peacemaker skilled at reconciling and blending differences through an understanding of the heart and mind of others. A potential for developing quick-mindedness and perception could enable you to face issues and handle situations with finesse. The clever, intelligent use of language to create harmony and co-operation is an inner strength, as you learn to guide the thinking of others into logical and constructive concepts of life. Within you is an appreciation for all people, a cosmopolitan quality that inspires happiness and upliftment in others through humour, harmonious discussion, or stimulating oratory. To be successful in this role requires the development of a generous, humanitarian nature to overcome intolerance, indifference, and self-importance.

The creative, inspirational, imaginative qualities of your inner nature could be advanced, for example, along artistic, musical, or dramatic avenues of expression. An inner desire to serve others could express through counselling and educating others.

You have a sensitive inner nature, intuitive to thoughts and feelings of others, a quality that will allow you to understand people and to help them. Because of this impressionable characteristic, you should guard against being unduly affected by social environments and close associations. Poise developed through day-by-day accomplishments would temper any feelings of self-depreciation or lack of self-assurance.

Hold in trust any confidences that others share with you. In this way you would create respect and others would support and appreciate your efforts. Your role is to develop dexterity of expression to avoid unpleasantness and create the best out of every situation.

This was taken from: http://www.kabalarians.com/cfm/LongAnalysisInputForm.cfm

And it freaks me out how right pretty much ALL of it is O_o;
It's like the website saw into my life and knew exactly what I was like *gets scared and backs away from the computer*
Blah work is in an hour and a half -_-;;
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