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GX 78 and Crack FMA OVAs...

So I just watched the Chibi FMA OVA...
...what kind of crack was that on? :/

It was cute anyway, although super duper chibi's drunk and on crack I feel doesn't fit the show's characters that well @_@ Ehhhhh...
Although seeing drunk jealous Winry was quite amusing.

Saw the kid one too...
...Ed is 100 years old with not a single grey hair in sight! Daaaaamn, time be good to him...

I have yet to download or see the tour one and the live action one O_O;;;

Saw the tour one... XD Eh, okay I guess :/ Though you kinda get to be a canon!Mary-sue/Gary-stu with that one >>; Since the person who is supposed to be you does super duper alchemy and pwns everything...yey?

Other than that I also watched this weeks GX. Dinosaur!Kenzan and Car!Shou are love <3
And the preview of the next episode through the sponser talk was interesting...
...but I think we all knew there HAD to be a bigger baddie behind Saiou right? :/ After all, he just didn't pick up a tarot card one day and think "You know what, I'm going to start a cult! MUHAHAHAHAHA!"

Okay it's 2am, I'm tired, it's raining outside and I haven't been feeling great since having a really weird random wave of nausea hit me at work...I think it was the chocolate and cola I had on my break....
Bed time for me, I think Milo would appriciate running around in the dark too XD
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