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The pet store didn't really have as many in as they usually do and most were the typical golden hamster coloured ones. They didn't have males and females labelled either like usual, but it's good I can tell between the two, the females were on the top and males on the bottom. I took a look at the males and there was one specific one that was sleeping in an opposite corner from the others on his back <3 I ended up getting that one. I wasn't sure on a name but in the end I decided to go with the name I was gonna use when I went to get a male hamster but ended up with Molly instead and that's Milo. I've always loved that name X3

He's already shown a huge character. He's running about his cage exploring everything, the only bad thing is that he keeps climbing up the bars and hanging off them, so I have to keep diving in to catch him if he falls O_O; The last time he tried he climbed up and hung from the bars on the roof of his cage, he's lucky I was there to catch him XD So I'm having to watch him, but I'm hoping that last time scared him enough not to do it again XD;;
On the way home he started chewing holes of the box he was in too XD
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