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More Pokemon stuff

An e-mail from Veronica Taylor, sent to PokemonTrainerLisa on the Bulbagarden Forums.
You are incredible! I'm sure you have many more important things to do in your life than think constantly of Pokemon, but thanks! Actually, posting info (and my letter) is a great idea. I think that if we can get people to write to Pokemon USA and express their dismay, maybe they will change their minds. At least we will have all tried our best, right? Thanks again!!!

Thought I'd show just how much the work people are putting in to the campaign means to Veronica Taylor ^^

Also there is a site dedicated to the cause here: http://www.bulbagarden.net/pokemoncreations/sova/

Anyway I've written a draft of a letter which I'll be sending to all three addresses that have been provided to the community.
If you want to support this cause but don't want to send a letter, feel free to spread the news to the offline community. Go to a Pokémon League? Mention it there. Know people who like the show? Mention it to them and so on :3

Now I need food...huuuuungryyyy~!
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