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Hamster Cage~!

YAY! Finally got a hamster cage! :D Now all I need to do is get a hamster on Saturday. Took a look at the hamsters they had in town where I got the cage from, they looked really adorable, they had one that was white with really faint patches of peach on it, two white and brown ones, one that was kind of an ashy coloured brown and another that was sat in the food bowl which was white and brown with a bit of dark brown/black on top of it's head =D Unsure yet whether I'm gonna get one from that store or whether we'll go to the stores near Crystal Peaks to get one. The last one I got from there was Storm and she was the one who got wet tail and lived only for two weeks :/ Though the others I've gotten from there, Max and Sakura, lived really well. It's just a bit further to travel.
Ah well, we'll see on Saturday. In the meantime, I need to finish cleaning this room up :/
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