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The Internets Confuses me!

A lot of people seem to think that most of this "Pokémon is getting new VAs" thing is a really early April Fools joke cos apparently what Eric Stuart said contridicts what someone was told by Veronica Taylor (*Face to face I might add*) about who was dubbing the special which was the original VAs O_o; Ehhh, confusing~!
But if it IS a hoax then that actually would be good as then it wouldn't be anything set in stone again.

Ah well, I'm just gonna sit back and see what happens, if they change, they change, not a lot to be done :/ But hopefully now the show is in the hands of Pokémon USA we'll get less pointless edits, cos that would be a plus all around :D

Also today I was nearly hit by a car. Note to self: Pay more attention (*Then again the small road I was crossing rarely ever has cars go down it >>;*)I wanted to go and get a hamster cage today as well cos I plan on getting a hamster on Saturday, but my mum was out at the time (*Actually she was already in town XD*) so she said if she feels well enough she'll take me to get a cage tomorrow or Thursday (*She's all stuffed up with a cold*)

Need to finish cleaning my room up this week too :o
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