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I'm an Orange which is full of Vitamin C....*dances*

I swear, the electricity in my room is screwy -_-;;

Just now I thought my computer shut off for no apparent reason....worrying it was starting to feel the effects of having too much media stuff on it I decided to burn some stuff to CD....
...wasn't until I looked up at my clock did I realize what had happened...
....the power had cut off >_<

AND it only happened in my room AGAIN! It's done that for as long as I can remember, this is twice it's done it in a week though O_o;
Knowing my dad he'll probably blame the computer but it has been happening before I even had the computer put up here...
....I dunno what's up with the electrics in my room but it's defiantly .... fragile... one little power surge and it's like X_x; *dies*

Which MEANS I have to about setting the time and alarms on my clock AGAIN >_<
Good thing I wasn't doing anything all too important when the computer switched off -_-;;

I got partial downloads of the original Yugioh season today, I have episode 7 and 8 but they both have a number of minutes missing off the end I'll just have to see if I can somehow finish them on WinMX....
....Yugi sounds so whimpy and girly XD and Miho gets on my nerves...
...Joey and Tristan had an intresting convertstaion about squids and oranges O_o; And Tristan kept yapping on about how he was some kind of cleaning commitiy or soemthing X3 I'm gonna post the shots of the Squid and Oranges scene in the Yugioh comminity I'm in later XD
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