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Birthday fuuun~!

You know what...? I wish there was an anime club in Worksop, that's my random thought of the day, doing a serach on the net the closest I found was Sheffield and their website didn't work XD I'd rather have one I could walk to anyway...blah...I wanna share my obsession with anime with other offline people who actually care when I start yapping out about certain shows *lol*

Anyway I'll do a small account of how my birthday went cos I don't feel like doing a huge written explaination :p

Basiclly we went to Nottingham instead of Leeds cos one of the trains we needed to get to Leeds was cancelled and the wait was too long for the next one but Nottingham was cool anyway, we first stopped for food at this place called "Subway" (*A major contander for McDonalds apparently so Helen says and she would know *lol*) They make fresh sandwiches and stuff, those the woman serving me seemed to look at me weird when I said I wanted no kind of sauce or mayo or anything on mine XD Why people think that's strange I'll never know, twas a nice sandwich though.

We eventually went ito Waterstone's (*A book store for people who don't know*) Helen likes to spend a long time looking at the tarot reading/witch books ect. I spent some of that time picking up a book about Egypt from the Myths and legends section, finding a list of Egyptian Gods in it and started picking out what Yugioh names I could find XD Yeah I'm pathetic...

Forbbiden Planet is always a must to go to in Nottingham X3 I didn't see any Mangas I wanted (*Even though there was LOADS *lol*) some of them I'm not sure on getting cos I don't know whether they're good or not ^^; Sucks they didn't have naruto Volume 3 or Volume 2 of Fruits Basket but ah well...
...instead I found this actual Japanese magazine, it caught my eye cos Ed and Al Elric from Full Metal Alchemist were on the front of it....okay so i can't actually READ Japanese but it has some awesome pretty anime pictures X3 PLUS it came with one cool FMA sticker book! YAY!
Oh and the Chibi Gundam Seed pictures make me wanna watch it now (*I was never intrested in watching it since I found Gundam wing so boring*) but DAMN those chibi's are cute X3 And there's a character that looks like Kouichi.... that really REALLY looks like Kouichi *_* Could very well pass as the triplet to Kouji and Kouichi....
....then again, I often think Ken Ichijouji is related to them too XD

In the Another World store I got some Aqua/Magma pokémon Cards and one of those How to draw manga books....I always wanted one but was put off buying one cos there are so many, but this one focuses on the basics of drawing characters, goes through poses, facial expresions, fabric folds for clothes ect. ect. Could come quite in handy that ;)

I finally got my Gamecube after that X3 It came with Sonic Heroes, it's hard to have three characters on screen all at once and even harder since you have to switch to the one that bests suits certain things :p

On the way home Helen and I looked through my anime Magazine and I explained FMA to her (*She sounded intrested when I pointed to Al *Armor form* and said "That's Ed's little brother" she was like "Huh?" *lol*) Then we looked through the rest picking out pictures we liked especially when we got to the fanart section of the magazine, hehehehe!
Then I drew for the rest of the way home *lol*

So that was my b-day! :p

Here are some scans from the Magazine itself, just odd things I randomly picked out to show you *lol*

Magazine Front
cover - Now who can resist Ed's adorable Mischievous grin X3

This guy looks too
much like Kouichi, it's freaky I tell you! FREAKY!

Dunno what this is
about but I scanned it cos the girl looks a lot like Kari (*And the blonde one
on the roof reminds me of Mai*)

Okay either this has
something to do with Cardcaptor Sakura or that girl just looks a LOT like Sakura
from CCS O_o; It was advertising some DVD that came out in Feb I think.

Gundam Seed
Chibi's....damn you adorable looking Kouichi one X3

Front of my FMA
Sticker Book *Grins*

Okay now I need to go and finish doing the lineart for that picture I drew on the train XD
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