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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Episode 76

Oooh this episode was awesome :D My favourite bit was pretty much Kourimaru double crossing Ikazuchimaru with a trap Mizuchi gave them (*One each*) Ikazuchimaru had drawn his a little earlier on but doesn't play it, but Kourimaru had no problem playing his and not only taking out Shou and Kenzan with it, but his own tag partner as well :oo
Now it appears from the preview that Kourimaru brings Kenzan and Shou to Mizuchi (*Manjoume is there to in the clip*)

Oh and next week, FUBUKI IS BACK!!

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Also it appears Pharaoh actually went on the field trip with them, so now I have to think up a reason to get Pharaoh over there in the RP cos at the moment he's hanging around Obelisk Blue using it as his own personal litter tray while no one is around :3
Hummm, did Fubuki go on the trip in the RP? If not, he should bring Pharaoh with him! XD
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