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Icons + Work + GX

Wow! Live Journal upped the icons you can have on paid accounts to 30! W00t! :D It means very little struggle to delete icons for new ones I want to upload :3
Wow and according to the news bulliten for every three months you have a paid account they actually add a bonus user pic :o Good thing I decided to keep my paid account which I do need to renew. I'm a bit worried about doing it through my own account cos my dad got it for me last time and I don't want to acctidently charge anything to his card, so instead what I'll do is fill in my details in Juudai's account and have "him" give me a years paid account as a gift~! Hahahaha!

Today work was terribly boring, it wasn't busy at all and was practiclly dead by about seven. I got some dounts for 10p though :3
Ah, good, GX is up ^^
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