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Somewhat cleaning

Somewhat attempting to clean my room up. I decided to find a new place to store my DVDs in this room as the collection has overgrown my yellow shelves. In the end I decided to display them on a white shelf that has really had no other purpose but to store junk on. So now it's holding my DVDs... meanwhile I took off all the junk on that shelf and it's all now on the floor and my desk...among the other junk that was already there =p

But in the 20 minutes or so it's taken for me to dust down that one shelf and move my DVDs to it, my throat and nose are now all irritated -_-;; Gah...
Maybe I'll take a time out and print off some nice looking pictures to decorate my bedroom walls with =D It's about time I did a change on that too.
When I was little I used to do all kinds of displays on my bedroom walls, I once made a whole oasis scene XD

My draws could really use a sort out to come to think of it, they're full of paper and other junk :/
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