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Up late again XP

Heh, got up at about half two this afternoon today, bit of a drag since I really want to work on PDU this weekend ~_~ One day I'll learn not to stay up so late that the early birds are chirping when I go to bed :/
Though I've been having some really bizarre dreams recently, yesterday I dreamt was buying Pokémon plushies from Toys R Us and they had loads, I was taking them out of these baskets and placing them all over the floor (*One of the dream staff gave me a REALLY bizarre look*) In the end I decided to get a Munchlax (*Though I was calling it by it's Japanese name, Gonbe*) and a Flygon, I also remember picking up a Charmander, a Butterfree and a Togepi. There were all these non-Pokémon toys mixed in with it too, like bizarre looking octopus and a spider O_o;

Last nights dream was weird too, somebody told me my house had been on fire and I was all "WTFBBQ ARE MY DVDS OKAY!?!" I think I was referring to my GX DVDs more than anything, but apparently the fire had only been in the hall outside my room and hadn't gotten any further. The hall didn't look that black anyway O_o;
Oh Hino and Linka, you were both there somewhere too, not sure why XD
Then someone tried to set the hall on fire again...they were SMOKING, GAH!!! They dropped some ash on the carpet and it almost set on fire again, I grabbed a damp cloth from the bathroom and was able to put it out XD

Ah, my dreams are weird, but they are by far the less weirdest.
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