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Agumon Thunder?

Hinoryu! You're gonna love this~! (*And I think most of the GX/Digimon fans on my f-list will too*)
You know the Agumon in Digimon Savers?
He has the same VA as Manjoume! XD
Togepi is highly amused!

EDIT: Talking of GX I just saw the newest episode. Lovely to see all those familiar sites and such :3 And YAY for Yugi's Grandpa! Who seems to lead Juudai, Shou and Kenzan on his own personal tour of battle city that is before he's kidnapped of course XD;;
Ah poor Misawa gets left on his own at the harbour too, poor thing :p
And we finally get to meet Saiou's sister, Mizuchi :3
Ooooh! And Kaiba is in the next episode and we actually get to see his face! Seems like they're bringing in the older characters slightly more than the last season. Seems Saiou meets with him and Kaiba doesn't look all that pleased XD
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