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Something tells me I should sleep, my right eye has been twitching all day >>; Plus I need to get up at a decent time as my dad wants me to get him a sandwich (*Which I accidentally forgot about today ~_~*)

Today there was a little Sparrow in the warehouse at work...something tells me that there's no way that thing will make it out of there alive, the last bird we had in the store they got people to shoot it >>; Though that one made more of a nuisance of itself, apparently it pecked at our stock and dive bombed people in the store, it really is a shame that their only option seems to be to get people to shoot them with a pellet gun though :/

Also the other day my dad and I were talking about how our caller ID thing that we signed up for seemed to be working and we had barely got any annoying phone sales calls.
We got about 8 or so of them today, if not more. Most were from the same number, I even answered it once today and told them I wasn't interested in whatever phone offer they were trying to sell me, only for them to ring back about two hours later which I didn't answer >>;
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