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Icon/work ramble stuff =p

Ever since I decided to try downloading brushes and applying them to my icons, they've been looking much better <3 Just did this Digimon Savers one of Masaru and I have one of Juudai I did a few days ago which I adore (*Currently using that one as my avatar on the Janime board*)
Talking of Juudai icons, I need to update that icon claim, need to remember to add a credit link to where I got the brushes from too.

Well another week of work has started, at least I have the weekend off this week, I don't plan any overtime for it, I really need to do some work on PDU, finish off the Fanart page and start on the fanfics.
Hehe, I'd actually get a lot more done if I'd go to bed at a decent time so I can actually get up earlier -_-;

Wow! GX Duel Box 4 gets sent off next week~! XD Need to keep reminding my mum that she might have to wait in for it.
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