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I'm fangirling right now cos there's a Digimon Savers preview!! Eeeee~~~~! I want to seeeeeee!!! *Jumps up and down like an excited 5-year-old*
Awesome end to my slightly sucky day, really nothing went wrong as such, but it was super busy and I was stuck on the basket till until about half seven ;______; I hate the basket till and the busyness just didn't help, i ended up starting to feel on egde and panicky, I was like that for a while...damn panic attacks :/ Ah well, least I have next weekend off ^^ I do need to work plenty of overtime and such but I need time to do PDU stuff =p

Hummm, once I get the Digimon Savers preview I might just update PDU's hiatus page with screenshots from it XD
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