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9th Movie + New Opening

Watched the newest trailer for the 9th Pokémon movie! This movie is looking more and more better with each piece of infomation and trailers released than when it was first announced, back then it didn't stand out to me much, but I really love this newest trailer and the Pokémon movie music NEVER fails to please me <3 The music playing in the trailer is awesome and it goes so well with the snippet of the 3D animated and rather intimidating looking submarine splashing down on the water :o

For those who wish to see the trailer: Download it here!

So I've heard, this movie concentrates a bit more on May (*Especially since she's been seen holding Manaphy's egg on a few occasions in the promo art for the movie*) which would make a nice change from Ash being the star, I liked the 6th movie cos it concentrated on Max more and his friendship with Jirachi.
But can Brock have a chance at being the star a bit more for the next movie?? T______T Cos that would be so awesome~! XD Chances of that happening is slim though...poor guy gets put in the background WAY too much and he has SO much potential!

Oh and while I'm here:


The new opening encoded into .wmv format. Doesn't to the speedy animation justice but it's there for any of you to download!
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