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Of Work and Snow

So today it finally snowed enough to cover the ground, not much but enough for me to draw Pikachu in it in the back yard when I got home...it was like a giant untouched canvas to me, I had to draw something on it! XD
It was nice to see the snow while at work too (*I was luckily told to pick up some of the left behind items so I was able to go outside to get a basket*) Seeing how pretty it was put me in a good mood for a while since I wasn't really in the best of moods today...especially after one of our regular customers came in with his kids (*I didn't even know he HAD kids*) but they were snapping at each other (*Well the regular customer and his teenage bitchy mouthed daughter, who by the way, coughed on me without covering her mouth -_-;;*) And I honestly think the father was a bit tipsy...he seemed to be slurring his speech just a tad, not enough for me to not serve him, cos he always comes in smelling of alcohol and stuff anyway ¬¬; Blah...

But yeah after that and then being stuck on the basket till for a while it was nice to see the pretty snow...then a while afterwards I was put on the wines aisle to dress it and I SWEAR the management there think I have super human speed or something. It took me around an HOUR to do the aisle the wines are on before I was called back to the checkouts and I still had the beer side to do and all the aisle ends to so and quite a bit of the back wall also has wine on it and the manager seemed convinced that it must me "nearly done" so he left me stuff to put out...so in less than an hour I had to finish off the dressing AND put some stuff out. Luckily the checkout supervisor was able to tell the guy who had been on the trolleys to help out, so I got him to dress beers for me (*I hate dressing beers anyway, it's better for a guy to do it cos it's really heavy -_-;*)

When coming home all the trees looked so pretty with the snow on it X3
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