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GX Episode 74


Rose's little speeches about her frogs being princes and Juudai looking a little weirded out by it was funny XD I liked the end too when Rose walked off in a huff and her Duel Monster spirit appeared :3 How cute!
I might actually cap this episode once I find out why it was distorted. I downloaded the version that was put up by a member of the Janime forums and I've noticed this distortion with some Pokémon dub episodes I have as well, so I asked in the episode 74 topic there if it could be that I'm missing or need to update a codec as nobody else has mentioned this distortion *shrugs*
I'm glad the episode downloaded really fast, I was able to get it within about 25 minutes XD

They're in Domino City next week!! Squeee~! Yugi's Grandpa! YAY! :D

EDIT: Problem's been fixed, turned out I needed to uninstall my existing codecs to install another pack which solved the problem, haha these codec's are mind boggling =p

Ah my ID card has come as well :D Thank goodness! Now all that's left to sort out for Amecon is the accommodation (*Which the friend I'm meeting down there is sorting out*) and the trains, but that I'll sort out later :3
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