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So Today

IT'S SO COLD! Cold isn't worth it unless we get SNOW which by the way the east coat is getting it, plenty of it, but us inland are pretty much snowless. It tried to snow today, but a few light flurries of the stuff ain't much >/

Just as we shut the charity shop today we got a woman who came to the door, pretty much demanding to be let in cos apparently it wasn't time for us to shut the shop, which by the way it was, her watch probably said two minutes too or something >p The damn woman would NOT leave either, pretty much CONVINCED she had the right to go in and browse around when we all wanted to go home -_-; Gah, we're having problems with people swapping prices around too, things that are priced about £5 and up, some dishonest person takes the price off and replaces it with another price which is cheaper, I mean COME ON! This is a Charity shop for god's sake, the money goes to a good cause.
Gah, I hate those kind of people I mean we're cheap enough as it is v_v;

Hummm, just updated "Gotcha!" and split up the episode page into three separate pages, one for episodes 1-28, one for 29-52 and then one for 53+ I guess I really could of left episodes 1-52 together but to me most of the first 26 episodes had nothing to do with the Seven stars arc so I put it on a page of it's own. Also added what I believe will be the UK air dates for the first 10 episodes.

Oh I bought both the Pokémon Legend maker card theme decks today. The lad behind the counter mentioned how he used to collect them and how he's holding onto them just incase they're worth something XD Hehehe~!

Oooooh! And my money has come out for Amecon! So I'm officially paid up for that now! :3 Gah, I need to get Cosplays done, but I can't even find a good shirt for a Team Aqua cosplay! All I need is a black and white stripped shirt :/ I need some light blue trousers and a light blue bandana too.
Oooh but there's one character I've decided to do which'll be quite easy!
Masaru from Digimon Savers! His outfit I can quite easilly put together, plus I have a plushie Agumon that I'm sure I'll be able to get some red cat collers for the belts on his claws and maybe sow on some other red material for the rest of it! :3 Also my hair is at a similar length to his, all I need to do is really part it from the side and tie part of my hair up (*Isn't easy tieing my hair up in that fashion though =p*)
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