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Talking of Screenshots and Box Sets

Should have episode 11 of GX done and up on Type Wild!! by tomorrow, it's all capped, just need to re-save as JPGs now. I always tend to go overboard on the GX shots, they always seem to end up over 200 *lol* But what can I say...lots of cute Shou expressions in this one!! XD

Talking of GX, it's Duel Box time next month, I'm having to arrange for my mum to possibly stay in and wait for it for me cos it comes on my bad week where I work a lot of days. I'm expecting it on the Monday after, which is when it usually comes I think, it COULD be the Tuesday though. It could come on Friday by some miracle but I really hope not, they got me working extra that day >>;
I am SO capping the cosplay episode when I get it~! X3
Seems like this box will be back to being Osiris Red themed, Shou is on one of the covers of the rental DVDs so he's most likely featured on the box cover art too.
My guess is that for the next one we'll be getting Edo, Saiou and Kenzan on the art ;D But that won't come out until about June.

But for now, I really should sleep XD
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