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We love our Customers...well....not really :/

So today I learned that when we have a lot to put out at work, screw the customers, they're apparently not important, or so was the impression I got today. I mean they freakin well shove down our throats that when a customer asks us something we have to do everything in our power to help them and not shun them off.
So today I was on the BWS aisle of course (*Beers, Wines and Spirits*) when a lady asks me if we have some whiskey and just like I ALWAYS do I tell her I'll look in the back, knowing we had about 10 rollers of the delivery there, eventually I found some of that the lady wanted, near the bottom of the roller as per usual, so I start to take off all the beer and wine on top of it so I can get to it and just as I do the Manager who I was working with (*By the way this is the overall store manager*) comes up to me and this is pretty much the conversation:

Manager: What are you doing?
Me: I'm just getting some Whiskey that a lady asked for.
Manager: We don't have the time to be fannying around, if anybody else asks just tell them we don't have it in and are waiting for the delivery!
Me: Er...okay...*blinks and looks confuzzled*

Nice to know that we care about our customers and really want to help them!! :D Cos apparently the delivery is much more important!!

That place gets more and more contradicting every bloody day -_-;; Oh we have to do this, oh no we don't it's like this now, don't do that we don't have time for it...blah blah blah.
I felt pretty bad after it cos you know me, I wanna help people and I was happy I was able to give that lady what she wanted, but then I made the manager slightly annoyed at me cos I was DOING MY JOB! For the love of...

Then came home time, oh geez...the Manager worked with me until the last TWENTY minutes I was there, I wasn't sure if I should just leave the cardboard from the boxes or not, but I decided I might get in trouble for leaving it, so I asked one of the people who work in the warehouse what I should do with it, he basically told me to "Take it in the back" and the person working in there will deal with it, so I followed his instructions and I get to the bailer (*What we put the cardboard into*) the guy started asking me why I didn't take it round to the OTHER bailer cos this one was playing up, I just told him I was told to come to this one and let him sort it out, I kept trying to tell him I had another roller full of cardboard and asked if I should leave that by the other bailer but he didn't seem to be listening, then he came out with a right good line:

Warehouse guy: You know, you're not supposed to leave it, you're supposed to bail it yourself
Me: ...I don't know how to work the bailer... ¬¬;;

Actually it's not that I don't KNOW how to work the bailer, all you do is push a freakin button, it's the fact I'm not trained to use it. All I can do is throw the cardboard in and when you have as much as I have the bailer tends to fill up then you have to go LOOKING for someone who can work it!! >_< Plus I SWEAR the two warehouse people we have in there just don't know how to be HAPPY, both of them just slug around with a sulk on their face, one more than the other....but at least the other one offers to take the cardboard off me, no matter how much he seems to not like it XD;;

So yeah...next time I post and say "Oh hey I'm working on the BWS aisle" you have my permission to give me many internet kicks :/

And today's fun doesn't stop there, OH NO!

Today about half of Nottinghamshire police force seemed to turn up at our football ground...
...there was a riot apparently...

Today gets Manjoume's "Just another one of those days" Icon of approval!

Okay that's enough ranting for today, back to capping GX episode 11 I think.

Here's hoping my biscuit baking experiment will be a sucess tomorrow! XD
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