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GX Manga Page

Wow! I just got started on some profiles for the GX Manga~! :D Most are easy cos not a lot has been revealed about most of the characters so far, I think Manjoume has the most revealed about him. I kinda compared them a little to their anime selves as well.
I need to start some little rambles about the chapters complete with silly sketches :D Especially pointing out how three characters, Ryuuga and two background characters, look like they're characters from FMA (*Hughes/Archer, Ed and Riza*)
It's an excuse to draw Ed in an Osiris Red uniform! :D

Ah it appears my download of the dubbed Whirl Islands Pokémon episodes has finished :3 I now have the Pudgey Pidgey episode! XD *Loves that episode*

EDIT: Back starting to hurt, stomach starting to hurt, legs starting to hurt...I hate this time of the month v_v; *Makes note to take painkillers before work*
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