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Annoyed at the World

Blah, I hate the fact that at work they seem to have to monitor EVERYTHING you do. I mean come on, we have a "void" button on our tills that is there to help us if we make a mistake so we correct it or if a customer doesn't want something. Yet they have to monitor how much we void on it for "security reasons" I actually asked them today exactly why it's important, cos I didn't understand why we were being monitored on how much we used that button when it's there to help us >>; Just shows how bad the world has gotten when a store can't trust it's own staff...
It's just that I happen to use that button a lot cos I make a lot of mistakes, lets not forget the reduced stickers that aren't over the whole barcode so it scans at the full price instead of the lower price...and when we do large voids we have to save the receipt for "evidence" but that's harder to do than you think when you have loads of things distracting you all at once >_< Blah...
And to make matters even better I have the wine aisle to work on tomorrow >>; 5 hours of being asked things by customers that I don't know how to answer cos I know nothing about alcohol since I pretty much detest the existence of the stuff.

Talking of alcohol one of the reasons I detest it was in our newsletter today. Someone from another one of our stores accidentally sold alcohol to a kid (*That was undercover for some agency I might add that tests stores and how they deal with underage sales*) but I personally think the punishment seemed a bit harsh...over a £3000 fine AND they lost their job!? I mean come on, if they sold it to someone young on purpose sure, but it's hard to know these days when someone is old enough or not, it's why we have to ask any one who looks under TWENTY ONE cos kids look miles older these days, but really it depends on the person serving and their idea on who looks too young and who looks old enough and most of the time it's just a mistake...so in the end WE have to pay for these kids who want to ruin their damn lives cos it's cool to get pissed off your face when your 15 or whatever, so cos of some kids stupidity innocent people who have no clue get the damn fines and have their lives ruined. Granted this person was caught out cos it was only a test but still it comes right back down to just how crappy society has gotten, we have SO many measures to look our for to try and stop people from doing stupid things. We can't sell pain killers to anyone under 16, understandable, but we also have to be aware of any other suspicious things they're buying with the pain killers that may suggest that they're gonna do themselves in >_<
Yet things like Cigarettes are still legal.
Name one health benefit cigarettes have!? That's why I refuse to work in the kiosk, selling cigarettes is helping the person kill themselves, sure slowly but still, they have no regard for their own life do they? And I don't want that on my conscience.

Okay...that turned into a longer rant than expected....and I probably made no sense what so ever and probably contradicted myself, but so many things in society today piss me off, like when people argue and shout at each other for no good reasons when talking it over calmly will get much further.

On a happier note, I'm going to attempt to make cinnamon flavoured biscuits on Sunday :3
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