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Whaaa! It's cold, it's cold! *Sat at computer covered with a blanket* And once again I wanted to get up early and ended up falling back to sleep and sleeping until midday AGAIN >_< I just have no will power to get up...
...but why I dreamt that Drew from Pokémon was trying to kill me I have no idea Oo; I think he was possesed or something.

Also I felt kinda bad yesterday cos I had asked my friend Helen if she wanted to go out sometime and she had the weekend free, so she said Saturday...then what did I do? Go and acctidnetly say that I'd work that day!! >_< I can't help it, for some reason when people ask me for extra shifts to work I start panicking over if I'm busy that day or not, but that makes me completly forget anyway, my mind goes blank. But in all honesty I need to work extra since next month is when my dad starts taking his large rent sum off me >>;; Leaving me with very little for myself...

Anyway I worked a bit on the Digimon/Pokemon character profiles last night for PDU and over the next few days I'm hoping to at LEAST finish the fanart section and put it into frames format, the fic section needs to be finished in time for the re-launch too, I have a feeling that section can be thinned out quite a bit, I think it has a lot of unfinished stories that are old (*Newer unfinished stories or ones that do have constant updates will be kept*)
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