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Gah, I feel so cold XP

Oh earlier today I logged onto DA and apparnetly my picture with Shou with the Black Magician Girl reached over 1,000 views! Wheeee! I took a look at my stats again and my first ever picture of Juudai is still the most commented on (*Cos a lot of people were all, "who is that?", "New series of Yu-Gi-Oh? WUT??"*) and my picture of Digimon Advanture Kari with Gatomon is still listed as the one with the most favs.

Things I really should really get done/started on within these next three days:
- Digimon Character Profiles for PDU
- Pokémon Episode Guides for PDU (*Which is like a constant thing I'm always working on*)
- Finish off the fanart page on PDU (*Then I can get started on the fanfics XD*)
- Clean Bedroom
- Upload more Pokémon Advanced shots for Pokémopolis

I suddenly want some chocolate for some reason.
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