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WOW! I joined a community! XD

WOW! I actually joined a community on here X3


Tis the Yugioh fans community, I found the link in Darklittleaibou's journal entry and well, I couldn't resist really *lol* Doubt I'll post anything except comments to other's posts although I might post my Bakura wallpaper when it's done *lol*
Maybe I should do my "Yugioh episode rants by an insane anime fangirl who understands little japanese" reviews there XD *lol*
Nah I'm afriad of putting something wrong and everyone correcting me or something O_o; Though it would be fun to get more comments on it X3

Work was....tiring... customers can be stupid... they can't see a "This checkout is closing" sign...then they got a little pissed when I pointed it out -_-;;

And how come when they acually send me help from the checkouts that help always wonders off and ends up helping the lads working on the fruit juice/pop aisle >_<

Ah well just 4 hours to work tomorrow morning then I can look forward to my birthday X3 I need to text helen to ask her when she wants to leave for Leeds...
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