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Back to Work =p

Well it's back to work for me today, once again I've had a week off where I achieved pretty much nothing :/ Except making a screenshot journal and staying up too late every night even when I tried to go to bed early -_-;; Gotta stop that...

Just watched the Pokémon episode "Hi Ho Silver Wind", Harley just cracks me up so much XD Today I must work on guides for that and "The Ribbon Cup Caper" once I get it downloaded :3 YAY! I WILL BE PRODUCTIVE!
We've got my new printer to install today too, I gave in with the one I have now, it's not working XP

EDIT: Finally put up PDU's hiatus page =p Next I need to answer all those pending e-mails in my old e-mail account. By the way if any of you want to contact me my new general e-mail is pdutogepi[at]pdunited.co.uk
My old togepi_3 hotmail one just gets too full of spam @_@

Ah and also when I get back from work, first thing I need to do is renew PDU's webspace, tis up for renewal again. I wonder if they'll actually let me use my card this time...hummmm...

This month I need to work work work on PDU! I want to launch it before Savers starts
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