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Noooooooooo! Not you!!!

Anyone who has known me for a while may know of a certain friend I was having trouble with a while back, a friend who always ended up doing things that resulted in me getting upset, I always forgave her but after a while the trust wasn't there anymore so I decided that it would be best if me and her went our seperate ways cos I felt she'd be better off with her friends that were more like her and same for me, but even though I told her straight out "I don't trust you anymore" she STILL kept coming back X_x;

Eventually she e-mail with a question "E-mail back if you still want to be friends"....
....so I never e-mailed back, I felt bad about it but i hoped she'd get the message this time X_x;

I hadn't seen her for AGES after that with no contact then the phone rings this morning and my dad tells me it's someone who calls themself "Nikki" *bangs head against door* That's the name, according to Helen, she prefers to be called by now, though helen refuses to call it her ^^; But I told her I was busy with my dad which is true, we needed to go into town and get food XD
I'm suprised she took that as the answer...
She said this was the last time for a while she'd be in Worksop....and that she's missed me all the other times she's come here....yeh wha!? She's never even once tried to call me though she has asked Helen for my mobile phone number a few times....I told her not to give it to her...

...yeah she's just one of those people who won't go away... sounds awful I know but in a way our personalities clash, I'm a shy unconfident person who hates doing things I don't like and she's a person who feels I should do those things, often lies about things to make me do them too....like one time when she asked if I wanted to go to some market thing but didn't mention she was taking some of her OTHER friends who I don't really like....plus they smoked stuff in the car I'm POSITIVE weren't cigarettes... -_-;; I jumped out of the car after that...
I confronted her about that a while later and her reply was "I didn't think you'd notice" heh...
....then I mentioned it again later on and she claimed I never said anything about it and that she never gave that reply...
....so now you see why I don't trust her -_-;;
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