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Jukain! Dawn of Revival!!

So I finally got round to watching the newest Pokémon episode that aired in Japan: "Jukain! Dawn of Revival!" I really enjoyed this episode. It concentrates on Sceptile (*Jukain*) who hasn't been able to use any attacks since pretty much getting dumped by a Meganium for a Tropius and evolving from Grovyle, it gets so frustrated it runs off and starts banging it's head against a tree, Ash follows and cue a whole lotta events which include being chased by lots and lots of Beedrill.
Then we also get another Ash gets separated from Pikachu situation, but you know what, I love those, cos I really love to see the strong friendship between the two :3 The three of them fall into a river, Ash is able to grab hold of a rock and grab Sceptile but Pikachu gets washed down stream, where it's eventually found by the Frontier Brain, Spenser.

But I think my most favourite scene of the whole episode was right at the end with Team Rocket. They of course attempt to steal Sceptile and Pikachu, so Ash, who still amazes me with his super human leaps, jumps up, despite his knee being injured from earlier, grabs hold of the mechanical arm holding Sceptile and refuses to let go, Team Rocket end up trying to get him off by having Dustox attack him, they sure aren't concerned with sending Ash falling to his death now, are they? XD Good thing this is a cartoon where the rules of reality don't apply~!
Anyway Sceptile sees Ash fall and it gives it the ability to gain it's attacks again, managing to do leaf blade to cut itself and Pikachu free, using a speed attack to catch up with Ash and grab him, then uses Bullet Seed to slow them down.

Oh and there's the return of the Team Rocket Beedrill shield as well (*That looks like it's made out of cardboard*) that they had in one of the very early Indigo league episodes <3 Worked just as bad too XD

Just felt like rambling about the episode :o

I should really check my tape that's taping the johto jouneys episodes at the moment, I'm not sure how long the tape is XD
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