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So apparently when I say "I'm going to bed" it really means "I'm going to stay up til 4am downloading Digimon Tamers and reading 4 chapters of a fanfic noting down illustration ideas!!! :D :D :D"
Well that'll be me sleeping until 1pm again XD;; Ah but I get my best ideas a night so... XD

I need to find out some spare tapes, got a whole load of pokémon taping to do this week:

Monday - Johto Journeys
Tuesday - Advanced Battle
Thursday - First season

By my calculations we should get the Ribbon cup ep and the first ep of the Grand festival on Toonami on Tuesday 7-8pm, but that IS by my calculations and they aren't reliable XDDD
But still *___* HARLEY~~~!

Ah tamers episode 50 is nearly done!! Time to sleeeep!! :D
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