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Dishonest, Staff Training and Digimon :/

Well it seems like today was just one thing after another really, the charity shop was chaos today, one woman got huffy about the price of a plushie rabbit, one woman I am SURE changed a price sticker from £5 to £1, decided to pop into the dentist on the way home only to find it was now CLOSED due to STAFF TRAINING despite the fact it was open earlier >_< GAH! Got home and the gate to the back garden was open, which was a bit un-nearving knowing someone has been in the yard...
And then now I'm home I decided to continue with the Digimon raw downloads and they're not on Digimon Himitsu anymore, or at least, not at this moment in time, the link to them isn't there anymore :/
Guess I'll wait and see what's up with that, in the meantime there's some Digimon Adventure downloads in the download section on Janime's board, I'll get those.

You know, the other day I noticed Flashget had a manual setting for the download speed you can download at XD I'm so glad it does have that cos when I used it and it got up to our speed limit of 2.2MB my computer made weird buzzing noises O_O; But getting a file over 200MB in about half an hour? Awesome! XD Oooh yes and my dad checked our package, we remain without a download limit, awesome huh? :D

Also at the rate the shops in town keep closing down...I don't think we'll have any shops left >>;

So all in all I rate this day with a big "Meh..."
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