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So tomorrow I'm going to try and see if my dentist will fill out the part of the ID application. Since it lists doctor as an acceptable person then a dentist must ALSO be allowed right? Again, it's a qualified job! *sighs* It's just if he has the time to fill it in, really he's the last person I can really try v_v; And I feel comfortable with him doing it as it's someone who I see twice a year and he knows me as such.
Apparently he's going private though which means I'll probably need to get another dentist >>; Whoooo...

Also I left my scarf at work AGAIN! XP Usually it's still there when I next go in the other times I've left it, not many people use the lockers right at the bottom I think XD So guess I'll have to go get in Friday unless my dad wants to go shopping there anytime before, if he does I'll just get a visitor's sticker so I can run in and get it =p
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