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Well this is just great...

GAH! Honestly! Is it really SO HARD TO GET A FREAKIN' ID CARD!?

I sent my application off last week but it's been sent back saying it's been rejected. Why? Cos apparently the person I chose to say I am who I am doesn't "Qualify" and they're suggesting it's cos of the job she does??
Wait, wait, wait...the application asked for someone who was "Qualified" yes they gave examples "Doctor, teacher, lawyer, engineer, bank manager ect. ect." So I thought "Well a Manager of a shop should fit that" I mean come on it's a qualified job right? AND the highest position you can get in a shop pretty much, so I asked the manager of the Charity shop to do it. The shop shouldn't make a difference, it's still a shop and she still gets paid to run it.
So why in the hell doesn't that freakin' qualify, not EVERYONE knows someone who does the freakin' jobs on the damn list, yeah I have a doctor sure, I've seen her ONCE and I'm not asking complete strangers at banks and stuff to do it. In my opinion a manager of a shop should fit under all this >_< They allow BANK MANAGERS after all! WTF?

They sent me another application but I think I'm just gonna try another ID company...although a few others I just looked at has the same type of list...great...
...hummm, my mum said that if this one failed for some reason she'd get me an application for a provisional Driver's licence instead, I'll tell her when she comes over...
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