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Digimon Partners!

ZOMG! Digimon Partners~~! The Digimon Partners in Savers were finally revealed, I really like the look of them too ^^ It seems not too many people like Lalamon and it's evolution Sunflowermon, but I think it looks cute although I really do hope it's stronger than it looks.
We also get an Agumon again, who has a new evolution named GeoGreymon, also there's a little blue wolf like thing named Gaomon and it's evolution Gaogamon who just looks totally awesome.
The scan/info is at Digimon Himitsu: http://www.digimonhimitsu.com or you can see it on PDU as I've updated with the info and the scan of the Digimon ^^

I can't wait until April~~~~! Wheeeeeeeee!

Also, I love my new Terriermon icon~! X3 MOMENTAI!
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