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Pokémon Fanart Project

So like I've mentioned in a few entries I'm doing a Pokémon fanart project. After "borrowing" the themes from fanart100 and adding a few of my own for the artist choice, I'm going to attempt to do a picture for each theme by the end of this year :3 Not gonna enter it into fanart100 cos I don't wanna feel rushed to get it finished and I know I won't draw it if I feel I HAVE to finish it.
The pictures will cover the anime, games, manga, whatever I feel really, I think most of the pictures will be anime based though :3 I decided it would be a nice thing to do to celebrate this whole 10th anniversry :D

I've already sketched out pictures for themes 1 and 13 which are under the cut here:

Image hosting by Photobucket
1. Beginnings - I wanted something from the first episode for this and decided Ho-Oh was perfect to draw for this theme, since not only did Ash see it at the beginning of his Kanto journey but he also saw it just before his Hoenn journey which helped him decide to head off there for his next adventure and start completely from scratch. So Ho-Oh really represents "beginnings" for Ash ^^

Image hosting by Photobucket
13. Yellow - There's a bunch of themes which are colours and I thought drawing the Pokémon Special characters for Red, Blue, Green and Yellow would be a good idea :D So I drew Yellow first cos she's so sweet X3
Also drawing a Pikachu Pokémon Special style is harder than it looks XD

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